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Welcome to offers affordable SMS & HTML email marketing solutions for:

  • Small to medium business
  • Clubs with memberships, customers, patrons
  • Health, sports and fitness groups
  • All retail business
  • Restaurants, venues, education classes
  • Accommodation and travel
  • Any business that wants to keep their customers informed
Clubs NSW

Retailgo allows you to :

  • Upload and develop your own opt in database
  • Link customers to your database through your website
  • Segment the database into target groups for marketing
  • Compose your message – easily upload your own images, copy, links (HTML template and /or SMS)
  • Schedule your delivery time and date – days, weeks, months in advance
  • View a calendar of your scheduled events for each month
  • Receive reports on each marketing activity

So don’t lose business, connect with your customers more often.

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